Kraft Family Child Care
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My name is Debbie, and my daughter's name is Tiffany.
Together, we have been caring for children for more than 15 years.

 We understand the difficult decision a parent faces when choosing child care, and we consider it an honor and a privilege when we are chosen. Children are a gift from God, each one special and unique, and it is our goal to demonstrate that to every child we meet, by showing love, understanding, patience, and respect.

We like to consider our home your child's "home away from home".  Children need to feel safe while they are away from their parents, and parents need to feel that their children are safe while they are away from them.

The children in our care learn much in the same way that they do at home, by being spoken to, read to, sung to, played with, and cuddled.

They can learn colors while eating, "green" beans, "orange" carrots, "red" apples, or "purple" grapes.
They can learn right and left, while taking a walk outside. 
Every moment is a teaching and learning moment.

We also stress to the children in our care the importance of being mindful of other's feelings by teaching the concept of sharing, encouragement, team work, saying "I'm sorry", compassion, and giving lots of hugs.

Even though many of the children we have cared for will not "remember" us because they were young when they left our care, it is our prayer that our contribution to them will last in their hearts forever.

Openings available!
Make this your child's home away from home. :)

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